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likeness of disposition
likeness of disposition is the working title of an experimental, virtual body of work that I began on Dec. 30th, 2014. It is an attempt to see if there is a correlation between one’s emotional and physical state and how a photograph turns out or does not turn out. In other words, is it possible that the tools and materials themselves are somehow able to reflect the mental and physical state that one might be in at the moment one takes a photograph?


The Process:

  • Only one photograph is taken per day.

  • I randomly select a Polaroid camera. I am currently working with six different ones; two different SX-70, three different 600 and a Dine Polaroid camera (uses 600 film as well) that uses a variety of close up lenses. The cameras contain either black and white or color film, but I am never certain as to which camera contains which type of film. By working with multiple cameras I am discouraging the possibility of learning how to properly use any one of them. This in turn deters me from attempting to take well-composed photographs with intention.

  • The photograph is taken at a random time. I cannot actively seek out specific subject matter and must take a photograph as quickly as possible, as to avoid focusing on composition. This does not mean that an image will not have composition, but part of this experiment is to see under what circumstances does and does not composition occur.

  • Once the photograph is taken I document the date, time, how I am feeling physically, how I am feeling mentally, general weather conditions, camera used and any problems or malfunctions that occurred when taking the photograph. I do this during the forty-minute development time.

  • The photograph is scanned and posted to the project blog, a.k.a. the virtual gallery, with no data given. This is to give the viewer an opportunity to spend time with the photograph and comment as to what they, the viewer, feels that the image may reflect on a physical and emotional level.

  • Data will be posted one week after the photograph is posted. Data will appear under the original image post.



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