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breathe (2013)


Excerpt from the video produced and used in the breathe installation. 

The act of reading a book is a solitary act, one that allows us to temporarily escape everyday life. However, in order to experience the content of the book within our imagination, we must block out the surrounding world. What would happen if we could create an environment in which the act of reading a book becomes an immersive, interactive, and communal experience, where the reader’s surroundings are as much a part of the book as the physical page held in the reader’s hands?


Alice Vinson’s multimedia installation moves the book from the singular imagination of the reader to a more communicative form — through the construction of an installation that completely surrounds the reader with moving video and accompanying sound. The multiple forms of technology expand on the concepts of the book, while pushing the traditional confines of storytelling and the boundary of the written word. This installation will engage listening and seeing the concept, not just reading and interpreting the written word, pushing the concept of book beyond the edge of idea to become a sensory reality.

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